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Sure Petcare Usability Summer Placement 2019

Sure Petcare Ltd is a Cambridge based multi award winning company that designs and manufactures smart pet products. We have an approach to product design that results in products that look great, are the best at what they do and are loved by the people and pets who use them.

We are looking for someone to join us for the summer who has recently graduated or who would be about to start the final year of their undergraduate course in a subject such as User Experience, Human Factors, Product Design, Industrial Design or Product Design Engineering.

This unique opportunity will give you the chance to experience first‐hand the role of usability within product development and understand how it influences both the design process and the end item.

Reporting into the Mechanical & Product Design team which is part of the Engineering department, the placement could include any of the following:

  • Shadowing a Usability Engineer during their daily tasks, such as…
    -  Evaluating designs of physical product, software or apps
    -  Potential off‐site observations at places such as animal shelters, or testers’ homes
    -  Sharing feedback on required design changes for improved usability
  • Attending cross‐functional daily meetings
  • Being involved in design for usability, user testing, user and animal observations, etc
  • Assisting the recruitment of participants for user studies
  • Conducting bug and desktop testing of products, app and systems
  • Participating in other activities within the Engineering Department

You should be methodical, organised, have an interest in usability and product development, plus don’t mind working with cats and dogs!

The role would be based in the Sure Petcare offices in a village 6 miles West of Cambridge, for a minimum of 2 months over the summer period.

The candidate would need to have access to accommodation in the surrounding area or be able to commute from further afield on a daily basis.

The selection process may involve a meeting in person or by telephone.

Please email your CV and cover letter to Ian Darnell and Catherine Taylor by the end of May 2019 via summer-placement@surepetcare.com.

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