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All new Sure Petcare microchip pet products carry a 3-year warranty from the date of purchase, subject to proof of purchase. The SureFeed Sealed Pet Bowl carries a 2-year warranty. Animo carries a 1-year warranty.

Warranty Form

Complete the form below to activate your warranty today.  If you have a connected product you do not need to complete this form as your product and pets are already registered with us.

The information below helps us to help you faster should you have any problems. The serial number of your unit and your pet's microchip numbers are especially helpful for our customer service team.

If you need to register the warranty of your SureSense Microchip Reader please click here.

About me

Please enter your product information below. You can add multiple products using the 'add another product' link.

The serial number is located under the lid at the top of the product or on the base of the unit.

The serial number is located under the lid at the top of the product.
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