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Sure Pet care Warranty

Our product Warranty Periods begin from date of purchase and require proof of purchase to validate. We recommend registering your product using the below form.

Sure Petcare Product Warranty Periods:

3 Year Warranty

  • Felaqua® Connect
  • SureFeed® Microchip Feeder
  • SureFeed® Microchip Pet Feeder Connect
  • All SureFlap® Microchip Pet and Cat Doors
  • Sure Petcare Hub

2 Year Warranty

  • SureFeed® Sealed Pet Bowl

1 Year Warranty

  • Animo® Classic
  • RFID Collar Tags

Warranty Form

Complete the form below to activate your warranty today. The information you provide will allow us to assist you faster in the future.

If you have any of the following app-connected devices and have already set them up using the Sure Petcare App or Animo App, your product is already registered.

  • Animo® Classic
  • Animo® GPS
  • Felaqua® Connect
  • SureFeed® Microchip Pet Feeder Connect
  • SureFlap® Microchip Cat Door Connect
  • SureFlap® Microchip Pet Door Connect
  • Sure Petcare Hub

Enter your product information below.

Add multiple products by selecting @add another product + @ below the dropdown.

If you have an app-connected product from the list noted above, and have already registered on the app, you do not need to register your products.
The serial number is located under the lid at the top of the product or on the base of the unit.

The serial number is located under the lid at the top of the product.

The serial number is located on the underside of the battery cover.
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