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Keep pets safer and happier in their homes

Our microchip pet doors stop intruder animals entering your home by only opening for your pet's existing identification microchip

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Works with your pet’s existing microchip

Our products work with all common microchips. For peace of mind, check yours is compatible by entering the number below.

What if my pet is not microchipped?

Don't worry, you can still use our products

We have lightweight RFID collar tags available in packs of two, which work in the same way as a microchip.


Pet Door Comparison Chart

Compare our pet door features to find the right product for you and your pet.


Cat Door

DualScan™ Cat Door

Pet Door

Cat Door Connect

Installation Options

All our pet doors can be installed in doors, glass or walls.

Wall Installations

Tunnel extenders are available to install our products into a wall of any depth.

Glass Installations

You will need to contact a qualified glazier to help with your installation.

Door Installations

The simple two part construction make our products quick and easy to install.

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Microchip Cat Flap Connect with Hub

Microchip Cat Flap connect with hub

Out of stock
Microchip Cat Flap - White

Keep unwanted animals out of your home

Buy it! $ 159.00
DualScan Cat Flap - White

Keep certain cats indoors & stop intruders

Buy it! $ 209.00
Microchip Pet Door - White

Keep unwanted animals out of your home

Buy it! $ 259.00
Microchip Cat Flap Connect

The most advanced cat door ever

Buy it! $ 219.00
Microchip Pet Door Connect (2.4GHz) - White

The world's first app-controlled Microchip Pet Door

Buy it! $ 269.00
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