Reassurance with Animo® GPS

Life is full of dogstractions




A dog's inability to focus, most often related to squirrel sightings, other dogs and smelly scents

Even the best trained dog can become dogstracted.

In many situations you can easily get them back on track. For the moments when they bolt or wander off out of sight, time is of the essence to get them home safely.

You never know when the next dogstraction will occur.

With Animo GPS, their location is
just a quick tap away

Animo GPS reassures you even when you lose sight of your best friend. Real-time
tracking means you can always locate your dog quickly, even when a dogstraction
happens… no more panicking.

A device that stands up to any adventure, even when it takes them off the
beaten path.

Be ready for the next dogstraction

If you lose sight of your dog or they exit one of your pre-defined Safe Zones without permission simply activate Tracking Mode for 36 hours* of lost dog tracking.

Your device will automatically update your dog's location in as little as 5 seconds. Helping you track their path and bring them home faster.

Live tracking alerts – location updates from 5 seconds
Lost Dog Tracking Mode – 36 hours of continuous tracking on a fully charged Animo GPS*
Track multiple dogs in the same app**
*Dependent on full charge.
**Animo GPS device required for each dog.

Small but mighty

Robust, waterproof, and responsive in all weather conditions. Have confidence that your dog is tracked wherever they are, whatever they are doing.