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Location Tracking + Activity and Behavior Monitor

*Subject to usage







2 3/4" width x 1 1/2" height x 5/8" depth

Collar attachment

Fits onto existing collar with width of 1/2" - 1 1/4"


1.5oz (41.3g)


3 axis accelerometer


Micro USB rechargeable
Supplied with charging cable

Water resistance

Protected from immersion in water with a depth of up to 3.3 feet for up to 30 minutes

Dog size

We recommend dogs to be over three
months old and at least 14lbs in weight


One year

  • How is Animo® GPS different from other dog GPS trackers?

    Animo® GPS has been designed with speed at the forefront. If your dog ever goes missing, time is critical. The sooner you are alerted to their escape and can pinpoint their location, the faster you can bring them home safe.

    Using advanced LTE-M technology, Animo® GPS provides extended coverage and energy efficiency. The LTE-M signal reaches about 30% further than 3G/4G/5G/LTE networks.

    In addition to GPS it also uses smart technology that monitors your dog’s unique activity levels and behavior and alerts you if there are any significant changes in your dog's sleep quality, scratching, shaking, barking, and more.

  • How does the tracking work?

  • What is an Escape Alert?

  • Is Animo® GPS waterproof?

  • Does Animo® GPS attach to my dog's existing collar?

  • How do I charge my Animo® GPS?

  • Can any dog wear Animo® GPS?

  • Can anyone use Animo® GPS?

  • How many Safe Zones can I create?

  • Can I track more than one dog from the Animo App?

  • Is a GPS collar safe for my pet?

How it works

Animo GPS uses GPS to pinpoint your dog's location and then communicates this to the LTE-M cellular network. Wherever you or your dog are in the US, if you have access to the LTE-M network you will receive real-time GPS tracking through your Animo App.

View LTE-M coverage map here.


Nearby Communication

To extend the battery life and response time of Animo GPS, the device intelligently switches to low energy consumption communication methods when your pet is close by or safe in a zone.


Distant Communication

Animo GPS has the benefit of being able to process small data amounts over long distances, while being energy efficient. LTE-M signal reaches about 30% farther than 3G/4G/ 5G/LTE networks.

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