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Resident cats protected from 52 neighbouring cats!

Lucy Walker was one of our very first customers. We got in touch with her as part of our 10th Anniversary campaign to find out why she became one of our early adopters.

Lucy, can you tell us about your experience as a Sure Petcare customer?

We bought our first cat flap in late 2007. At the time we had three cats: Shaun, a seal point Siamese, Toffee, a ginger, half Maine Coon and Oscar, an oriental. We moved house in February that year, unaware that the neighbour had at least 52 cats living in her house and garden. Our three cats were being terrorised and chased into our house by a variety of cats from next door. 

Something had to be done and initially we used a magnetic cat flap, but the cats repeatedly lost their collars, mostly during fights with the neighbouring cats, which also resulted in several visits to the vets to treat infected bites.

I read an article somewhere about SureFlap, a new type of cat flap that could be programmed using the cats’ microchips, which would only allow access to my cats. It seemed like the ideal solution.

The cat flap was delivered, and we fitted it sometime late in 2007. At last the cats could come and go with no worries about being chased into the house. Luckily, the neighbour and her assortment of cats left in 2008, but we continued to use our SureFlap Microchip Cat Flap to prevent other incursions.

The flap stopped working a couple of years later and was rapidly replaced by your excellent customer care team for free.

We now only have two cats; Shaun and Tiger the tabby both still enjoy the security of the SureFlap cat flap.

I have been very happy with the cat flaps and they have been incredibly useful and reliable so when I saw the SureFeed Sealed Pet Bowl advertised, I bought one immediately. The cats quickly learned to use this, which helps prevent flies getting on their food in the summer. My mother also purchased one on my recommendation. Because it had been so effective in keeping out next door’s cats, I recommended the SureFlap cat flap to my sister who fitted one for her cats. She also had two cats and one required a special diet, so she ended up buying two of your Microchip Pet Feeders, which allowed them to only have access to their own food. 

My family have been very happy with all the Sure Petcare products and will continue to use them.

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