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How to meet your cat’s needs when everyone’s at home

Cats are usually solitary creatures by nature, so if you and your family are self-isolating at home, your cat may find it unsettling to be met with extra activity going on in the house. Here’s how you can make sure your cat’s needs are met while you’re all at home.

Hiding places

Your cat needs to have somewhere to retreat to when they feel stressed or the house gets too noisy for them. Give them access to places they like to hide, such as under the bed, on the top of wardrobes or in little-used rooms of the house. Make sure your cat can access these places whenever they want to and never coax them out of hiding. Wait for them to come out in their own time.

Cats and children

If your children are off school and around the house all day, it’s more important than ever that your children should know how to treat your cat properly. Make sure they know to leave your cat alone when they don’t want stroking and to leave them in peace when they are eating, drinking, sleeping or toileting. Older kids can be taught to help out with your cat’s care, such as learning how to feed them or how to change their litter tray. You may find this extra pair of hands useful if you have lots of other jobs to do around the house or you’re working from home.


With so much going on at home, make sure you find time to play with your cat to give them the attention and stimulation they need. Use interactive and homemade toys to keep your cat entertained. Also, find toys that they are happy to play with by themselves if you are busy or get your children involved with setting up enrichment activities for your cat, such as hiding treats or modifying boxes for them to play in. Creative activities like this should keep your children entertained as well as your cat.

Install a Microchip Cat Flap

If your cat doesn’t already have a cat flap, install a Microchip Cat Flap so that your cat can access the garden to play, go to the toilet and escape the indoor environment. A Microchip Cat Flap will also keep other neighbouring cats out, reducing stress in the home. SureFlap Microchip Cat Flaps are easy to install yourself if you have basic DIY skills.

Veterinary care

Your cat might still require veterinary care in a lockdown situation. If you already have an appointment booked, call ahead to find out if your cat can still attend, as the veterinary practice may be accepting emergency appointments only. If attending an appointment, make sure only one adult accompanies the cat, wash hands regularly and use a contactless method of payment.

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