Speed with Animo® GPS

Stay one step ahead of your escape artist


1 in 3

dogs go missing in their lifetime*

Most of which escape from their own home or yard. Imagine how far they could get before you've noticed.
Time is of the essence, the faster you're alerted to your dog's escape and can pinpoint their location, the sooner you can bring them back home safely.

Worry less with Animo GPS

Our Escape Alerts notify you in as little as 20 seconds from when your dog leaves their Safe Zone, helping you track their every move.

Whether your dog is a 'Harry-Houndini' who loves to dig escape tunnels or more of a door dasher, Animo GPS has you covered.

Create a zone

Setting up a virtual boundary is easy. Decide whether this will be your Home Zone, Safe Zone or Play Zone, and use the Animo App to select the area you want to monitor.

  • Home Zone

    Create a virtual fence around your home and yard

  • Safe Zone

    This can be set to a pet sitter, boarding facility or weekend getaway location

  • Play Zone

    Whether a dog park or off-leash trail, include your dog's favorite hangouts

Adjust a zone

Customize the zone where your dog can safely roam. Choose between a circle or polygon shape and create up to 10 zones.

  • Select the default circle to quickly set up a radius

  • Or use the polygon to more accurately outline your area

Get rapid alerts

All dogs are different: control how quickly you receive escape alerts. The more frequently the location is refreshed the more battery power is used.

Location checked every 60 seconds
Location checked every 15 seconds

Peace of mind now comes with GPS capabilities

Get your dog's location real-time, anytime, anywhere from the Animo app.

Live tracking – location updates from 5 seconds

Speedy Escape Alerts – from 20 seconds afer your dog leaves their Safe Zone

Lost dog tracking mode – 36 hours continuous tracking

Up to 12 weeks battery life


Life is full of dogstractions.
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Stay one step ahead of your escape artist.
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*2021 Sure Petcare survey of 9,841 US dog owners