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Bringing a new puppy home

If you’ve decided to get a puppy, it’s important that your home is ready for him before you bring him home.

Have a food bowl, water bowl, bed, a leash and toys all out ready for him. Puppies love to chew so make sure there are no cables or small objects lying around for your puppy to get his teeth into and put household cleaning products in a cupboard out of reach.

Puppy carers

Within your family, decide amongst yourselves who will be in charge of your puppy’s care. Decide who will feed, water and walk the new puppy so there’s no confusion. If you have young children make sure they know how to behave around the new puppy and to not treat him like a toy. Teach your children not to wear him out too much and to recognize when he needs a rest.

First steps

The first few nights may be difficult for your puppy so you may hear him whining. Don’t be tempted to check on him whilst he is making noise. Instead, wait until he has stopped whining and then see how he’s doing. He will then realize that being quiet represents good behavior.

Be prepared for a couple of toileting accidents indoors whilst your puppy acclimatizes and before he has been properly toilet trained. If he does have an accident indoors, ignore him and praise him when he goes to the toilet outside. Reprimanding bad behaviour can make your puppy feel anxious rather than training him not to do something.

Introducing your puppy to your dog

If you already have a dog, be sensitive to both dogs’ temperaments and introduce the new puppy to your dog gradually. Having them both on a leash will allow you to intervene more easily if necessary. It’s important not to neglect your dog because he may become jealous of the new puppy.

Microchip your puppy

Make arrangements to have your puppy microchipped if he hasn’t been already. Familiarize yourself with your nearest veterinary practice so you know where to go when your puppy needs to see a vet.

Pet insurance for your puppy

Seriously consider getting pet insurance for your new puppy. If your puppy ever has an accident or becomes ill, pet insurance will cover the cost of potentially expensive veterinary treatment.

Check out this list of top pet health insurance companies to learn more. 


From four months of age, your puppy can start to use an Animo activity and behavior monitor, which will help you to ensure your puppy gets enough exercise, burns enough calories and enables you to monitor their sleep quality and barking, scratching and shaking behaviors. Animo allows you to set daily activity or calorie burn goals and alerts you to changes in their behavior, which could be an indication of illness.

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