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Caring for your dog in summer

Your dog might love spending time outside on a hot summer day, but heatstroke and dehydration can be a concern. Follow our top tips to ensure your dog stays cool and in good health this summer.

Be prepared on walks

Take water with you to prevent your dog becoming dehydrated. Consider taking a shady route where the temperature will be cooler. Does your dog like to swim? Why not head down to the local pond, stream or beach so that your dog can take a quick dip if he needs to cool off.

Resources in the garden

Your dog will probably want to spend more time in the garden when the weather is fine. Make sure there are plenty of shaded areas for your dog to retreat to if they get too hot, and be sure to provide an outdoor water source. Give your dog free access to the garden by installing a pet door so that they can come inside to seek shade.

Access to cool spaces indoors

Give your dog access to the cooler rooms in the house. A tiled bathroom or kitchen floor can be the perfect place for your dog to chill out. While your dog is sleeping, drape a damp cloth over them. Also, an electric fan on hot days would really help your dog to cool off!

Provide plenty of water

Make sure your dog has access to multiple water stations around the house so they can keep hydrated throughout the day. You could even pop a few ice cubes in their water.

Cold dog treats

Make cold treats for your dog by freezing food inside ice cubes. Not only will this cool your dog down, it will create a fun game for them too!

Groom your dog

Groom your dog regularly to remove any loose fur. This is especially important for long haired breeds. The less fur they are carrying, the cooler they will feel.

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