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How the October clock change might affect your dog

If your dog is used to a routine, such as having their food at specific times or greeting you when you come home from work at the same time each day, then the October clock change may unsettle them as everything will happen an hour later than they’re used to.

Here’s how to help your dog cope with their new schedule.

Toilet time

If your dog is used to being let out first thing in the morning to go to the toilet in the garden, they may find it confusing if they’re ready to go and you’re still in bed. Be prepared to let them out when they want to go out. If you have a small or medium sized dog, you could install a SureFlap Microchip Pet Door so that they can let themselves out. Make sure your garden is secure so that your dog can’t wander off when they go outside.

Meal times

If your dog’s meal times are an hour later than usual, they might find this upsetting and wait by their bowl wondering why they’re not being fed. To try to counteract this, feed them gradually later in the week leading up to the clock change so that it’s not such a shock to their system when their meals arrive later.

Walk times

If you walk your dog before and after work, they may be expecting it at the same times each day. As with the feeding, try to adjust the times of their walks gradually leading up to the clock change so they don’t suddenly wonder why you’re doing their walks later.

Home time

If you get home from work at the same time each day, try delaying your arrival gradually in the week leading up to the clock change by running some errands on your way home from work. Your dog may find it stressful if you suddenly turn up later than usual one day.

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