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Letting your kitten outside for the first time

The outside world is an exciting place for an adventurous kitten, so it’s important to let them outside for the first time under controlled conditions. You want to be sure they won’t run off the minute they step out of the door.

Microchipping and vaccinating

Before letting your kitten outside, make sure they have been microchipped so that they can be returned to you in case they do get lost and that they have been vaccinated to protect them from disease. Keep your kitten indoors for a few weeks initially so that they can start to consider your home their home.

Create a kitten-friendly garden

Make sure your garden is kitten-friendly by removing any garden tools or debris they could hurt themselves on or try to eat. Ensure there are areas of shade for them to shelter from the sun and provide an area of loose soil or sand to encourage them to go to the toilet outside.

The big day

Choose a dry, quiet day to let your kitten outside for the first time. Check there are no other cats, noisy children or other disruptions that might spook your kitten. Let your kitten out while they are hungry so that they have a good reason to return home. Leading up to their first outdoor encounter you might want to train them to come to you by offering treat, so that you have an effective way to recall them should you need to when they’re outside. Accompany your kitten into the garden the first few times you let them outside.

Cat flaps

If you’ve decided to give your kitten a cat flap, which is the best option for them to explore the outdoors whenever they want to in the long-term, take some time to train them to use it. You can do this by tempting them through with some tasty treats or propping the flap open for a day or two. Installing a SureFlap Microchip Cat Flap will ensure no other cats can get into your home. A SureFlap Microchip Cat Flap Connect can give you peace of mind that your kitten is using the cat flap once you get to the stage of leaving them to their own devices as it records when your pet enters or leaves through the cat flap.


Once your kitten is happy exploring the outdoors and returning without you having to intervene, you can leave them to it. When they reach four months of age, it’s important to get your kitten neutered to prevent any unwanted kittens.


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