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How data can help owners and pets

Many pets are left at home alone during the day, making it difficult for owners to notice changes in behaviour, which could be a sign of illness or distress. It can be particularly difficult to notice when a cat is unwell as they can be very good at hiding their symptoms. Monitoring a pet’s behaviour over time can help owners to notice changes in behaviour, helping to identify when a pet is unwell.

Pet door usage patterns

Our Microchip Pet Door Connect and soon-to-be-launched Microchip Cat Flap Connect enables pet owners to keep track of their pet’s comings and goings using the Sure Petcare app. By monitoring the amount of time a pet spends in and out of the house and how often they go out, pet owners can start to see patterns of behaviour over time.

If your pet starts spending more time outside, it could mean that they are using the toilet more regularly. Or if your cat stays indoors for longer than usual, there might be a health reason they are feeling more lethargic or there could be a new cat on the block which is putting them off venturing outside.  

Pet feeding patterns

We also wanted to give owners the ability to learn more about their pets’ feeding patterns and our SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder Connect, launching later in the year, will enable them to do this. When connected to the Sure Petcare app, owners will be able to view data on the frequency, duration and times of feeding, as well as the amount that a pet has eaten. By gathering data of a pet’s feeding patterns over time, an owner will be able to notice any changes in their feeding patterns.

Taking action

Having these insights into a pet’s movements and feeding routines gives owners peace of mind and empowers them to take action early if they suspect their pet to be unwell. It gives pets an extra level of care, and means that if pets does develop an illness, they can potentially be seen by a vet much sooner than they might have been without these insights.

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