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Dog-friendly holiday accommodation

Like many dog owners, you probably see your dog as a member of the family, so when it comes to going on holiday, you want your dog to go with you. When choosing accommodation for your holiday, there are many options out there that welcome dogs and even cater for their needs. Here are some ideas to get you started this summer.


A campsite could be the ideal place for your dog to stretch its legs and many welcome dogs. You’ll need to be a bit more considerate of other people and other dog owners if you decide to stay at a campsite, but it’s an ideal, affordable option if your dog is sociable and comfortable around others. Select a pitch that offers some shade or take a gazebo for your dog to shelter under on hot days.

Self-catering cottages

Many cottages welcome dog owners and give dogs, and you, a relaxing home from home experience. If you want your dog to have access to a garden but you are worried about them wandering off, choose a cottage with a secure, enclosed garden. Cottages in rural locations will often have footpaths on their doorsteps, which are perfect for those early morning walks.


Staying with your dog in a hotel might not have crossed your mind, but there are hotels which will be happy to accommodate you and your dog. Some will have resident dogs themselves and have provisions for your dog such as beds, treats, showers and a doggie menu in the bar. A dog-friendly hotel with acres of grounds offers plenty of chances to explore. Most hotels will have just a few dedicated bedrooms that dogs will be allowed to stay in. This means that if you are going on holiday with other people who are not dog owners there will be somewhere for them to stay too.

Proprietors of dog-friendly accommodation will often be dog owners themselves so they should be able to offer suggestions on where to take your dog during the day, such as good walks or dog-friendly cafes.

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