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How to choose a healthy kitten

When looking for a kitten to rehome, take the time to visit the kitten to inspect its condition to ensure they are in good health. Here are a few things to consider.

Eyes, nose and ears

Inspect the kitten’s eyes and nose for any discharge, as this could be a sign of cat flu, which could have a serious impact on their health. Check their ears as well – dirty ears could be an indication of ear mites.

Body condition

Find out what the kitten is being fed and check their body condition to ensure they are not malnourished. A kitten’s tummy should be round but not bloated.

Coat condition

A kitten’s coat should be glossy and healthy. Have a close look through their fur for any signs of fleas. You might not see the fleas themselves but if you see black specks in their fur it’s likely to be flea dirt.

Handle the kitten

Assess the kitten’s temperament by handling them and playing with them. It’s a good idea to choose a kitten which will suit your lifestyle. If you have small children, a boisterous kitten might fit into your family just fine, whereas a calm kitten might suit an elderly person.

Meet the parents

It’s not always possible to meet a kitten’s parents, but you might be able to if you’re getting a kitten from a breeder. If you do get the chance, check that the parents are happy, healthy and well socialized. Find out if the parents have any medical conditions.

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