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Exercise tips for kittens

Kittens are bundles of energy and will have no trouble getting enough exercise on their own. However, at this young age, it’s a good idea to guide their play to help them navigate your home safely and avoid developing aggressive habits.

Managing aggressive play

Kittens can become boisterous and it’s important that you don’t feed their aggression. If they start to bite and scratch during a play session, stop the play immediately. Do not meet their aggression with your own aggression as that will teach them that acting that way is OK. Instead, offer them a treat or praise when they are playing nicely so that they learn the correct way to behave.

Many kittens will enjoy tearing around the house, which you shouldn’t discourage, as this is a great way for them to burn off energy. Just make sure your home is safe by removing any plant pots, vases, picture frames etc. while they are still young.


Kittens love to explore, especially when they are being introduced to a new home. Allow them to explore the house and provide high places for them to climb up onto and nooks and crannies for them to explore. A cat tree is a great option as many of them combine shelves, hiding places and scratching posts. Scratching posts are essential pieces of kit – they save your furniture and allow your kitten to keep their claws in shape.

Kitten toys

There are many toys that you can buy to keep your kitten entertained, but sometimes simple homemade toys will often suffice. Balls of paper are great for batting around a room and cardboard boxes for them to climb into and onto are always a winner. Chasing toys feed a kitten’s natural instinct to hunt. A feather on a stick or a ball on a string are inexpensive, effective options.

Install a cat flap

When your kitten is ready to go outside, install a cat flap so that they can explore the outdoors on their own terms. The outside world is a great place for a kitten to exercise, full of exciting smells, undergrowth to explore and trees to climb. Take a look at our tips on letting your kitten outside for the first time.

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