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The Haines family

Microchip Cat Flap and Microchip Pet Feeder making life easier

Nan Haines has had a SureFlap Microchip Cat Flap for a number of years which was originally used by four cats. Now she just has two cats using it; Trudie (aged 16) and Linzi (aged 8). She also has a SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder. We got in touch with her to find out how she has been getting on with our products over the years.

Nan, please could you tell us why you purchased a SureFlap Microchip Cat Flap?

Linzi catOriginally, I had a cat flap which opened via an attachment on my cats’ collars. I purchased the first SureFlap Microchip Cat Flap many years ago because one cat kept pulling his collar off and then could not get in.  The other cat would put her paw behind her collar and then her front leg behind it which meant that she could hardly walk. It would have caused a wound which could have become infected had I not spotted it very quickly. I then had to leave the cat flap in such a way that any cat could come in.  I happened to mention it when I was at the vets and they gave me a pamphlet about SureFlap Microchip Cat Flaps.  This was the first time that I had heard of them. 

Where have you installed your cat flap?

In the kitchen door which leads to the back garden.

How long did it take your pets to learn to use the cat flap?

Very quickly as they had used one before and the sound that the SureFlap cat flap made was quieter than that of the other older make.

How has the cat flap improved your cats’ lives? 

It means that they can come and go exactly when they please.  They are not left out in the cold when I am out or unable to get out at all.  But also, no other cats can come into the house and steal their food or upset them in any way.  Cats do not like foreign cats in their homes!

What type of food do you feed your cats?

One cat has wet and dry cat food. The other is on a special veterinary diet and can only have certain dry foods at present. The first one eats Felix sachets and Purina dry foods.  The other has special Veterinary Hypoallergenic dry foods. 

Do any of your cats have any particular feeding habits?

The older cat eats a half sachet first thing in the morning and then the other half of the sachet a couple of hours later.  If she eats the whole sachet in one go, then she is sick. During the day she has another sachet in two half portions and some dry food in between. The younger cat tends to graze more and eats little and often.

Why did you purchase a SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder?

Linzi catThe younger cat developed a rectal prolapse and had two different operations to sort it out.  The first one worked for a month and then the prolapse recurred.  She then had a bigger operation and as yet that has been successful (five months so far). As it is not known what caused the prolapse, the veterinary hospital recommended that she be put on this special diet. She must not eat any of the other cat's food and as the special diet food is much more expensive, I do not wish the older cat to eat the other one's food as well as her own. It would also mean that the one cat had far too much food and the other not enough.  If the younger cat did not have enough food, then she would hunt and that could be fatal for her. 

How well did your cat take to the Microchip Pet Feeder?

She mastered the training procedure in three days.  At first the slight sound worried her a little but her desire for food quickly overcame that!  She had a tendency to stand in the right place, eat some of the food and then step back off the pad to think about it.  The closing of the flap at this stage did make her jump but again she overcame this. I was very pleasantly surprised that she completed the three-stage learning process in three days.

Does the Microchip Pet Feeder keep your pet's food fresher?

At present she is only having dry food.  However, it would prevent flies getting at the wet food and laying eggs in it.

Has the Microchip Pet Feeder helped you reduce the amount of pet food you waste and thus saved you money?

I have saved money as the other cat cannot pinch the food.

Do you have any other feedback you'd like to share?

I would definitely recommend your products. I wanted to have a few days away and could not have done this without your pet feeder.  Friends came in to feed the older cat and then put her food away.  But the younger cat, who goes out a lot, might not have been in when friends came in to feed and as her food was not left out either, she would have either gone hungry or hunted or eaten something that she shouldn't.

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