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Why do I hardly ever see my cat drinking?

Many cat owners hardly ever see their cats drinking, which is probably why in a recent survey, 3/4 of cat owners said that they were unaware of their cat’s drinking habits. This is a problem, because vets rank a change in drinking as the most concerning change in an adult or senior cat’s behaviour, alongside a change in feeding.

The main reason why we don’t see cats drinking is that we don’t give them very nice places to drink or well-designed water bowls to drink from. Cats will still find somewhere to drink, but it may not be where we would want or where we can see what they are doing.

What you can do to encourage your cat drink the right amount

  1. Make sure you place the water bowl in an area where your cat feels comfortable and would like to drink.  For example, close to somewhere you regularly see your cat resting or grooming. Avoid putting the water bowl in a dark corner, or close to a food bowl, or in a noisy and busy part of the home. Take a look at our blog as to the best places for our cats to drink.
  2. Unlike food, water doesn't have an attractive smell, so cats find water by sight; they are attracted to water that they can see as it catches and reflects light, moves and twinkles. Felaqua Connect has been specifically designed to take advantage of these characteristics, to attract cats to drink.
  3. Use a product such as Felaqua Connect to monitor their drinking so that you can keep track.  Most cats are drinking, they just choose to do it when you are not watching!  

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