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Caring for cats with feline asthma

Cats that develop feline asthma suffer in a similar way to humans that have asthma. If your cat has prolonged coughing fits, difficulty breathing and an accelerated heart rate then take them for a check-up.

Your vet will be able to tell you if your cat is suffering from feline asthma. To treat feline asthma, drugs are sometimes prescribed and a special inhaler for cats is available to administer the medication effectively. With a little coaxing, your cat will soon get used to using an inhaler.

If you discover that your cat suffers from feline asthma, then it’s important to ensure that you remove any possible triggers of asthma from your home.

But what sort of things can trigger feline asthma?

Cat Litter

If your cat uses cat litter, don’t worry, there are certain types of cat litter that are safe for asthmatic cats. Cat litter that is made of old newspaper, wheat or wood are all suitable for asthmatic cats. Avoid scented or dusty cat litter.


Smokers, be wary of lighting up around a cat with feline asthma as this can be a particularly bad irritant, as can wood burning stoves. Passive smoking can also cause cancer in cats, another reason to light up outside if you smoke at home.

Household Products

There are many different types of household products that can affect a cat with feline asthma, from toilet cleaner and fabric softener to talcum powder and hairspray. While it can be difficult to eliminate all of the products from your home, there are steps you can take to ensure your cat is protected. Use the products only when your cat is out of the room and consider swapping scented products with unscented varieties.


During the warmer months, pollen can affect cats with feline asthma. It can be very difficult to protect your asthmatic cat from pollen though, particularly if they enjoy playing outside. To reduce the impact that pollen has on your cat, remove house plants and dry your clothes inside, as clothes that are dried outside can collect pollen.

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