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More than just an ID microchip

The Sure Petcare Thermochip™ is a new generation of identification microchip, with an integrated, temperature biosensor. This enables a pet’s temperature and identification number to be read simultaneously.

What makes it better?

Traditionally rectal temperature has been the most common method of measuring temperature in dogs and cats, but this can be challenging and stressful for all involved! Microchip Temperature is not a replacement for rectal temperature, but it is an easy and stress-free way to take multiple temperature readings, both at the vet practice and at home.

Multiple Microchip Temperature readings taken over time make it easier to recognise trends in an individual pet’s temperature, as well as uncharacteristic fluctuations in temperature, which may indicate changes in a pet’s wellbeing. It also provides a practical way to monitor temperature during recovery from veterinary procedures or to aid in the management of existing medical conditions.

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Thermochip is the future of pet microchipping. Find out more.

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Veterinary Professionals

Read the technical information about Thermochip.

Technical Info

How do I check whether my pet has a temperature-sensing microchip?

Enter your pet’s 15-digit microchip number in the box below:

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