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The smarter way to feed your pets

Discover pet feeding solutions for single or multi-pet homes

SureFeed Comparison Chart

Find the right SureFeed product for you and your pet.
  • Compatible with all Common Microchips
  • Compatible with the Sure Petcare RFID Collar Tag
  • Microchip or Collar Tag Controlled Access
  • RFID Collar Tag Included
  • Number of pets
  • Stop pets stealing each other's food
  • Monitor your pet's feeding habits
  • Keep flies off food and lock in moisture
  • Automatically closing lid
  • Batteries Required

Add some colour

Customise your SureFeed product to suit your home and pet’s personality. Using colour also helps when you have multiple products to determine whose SureFeed is whose.

Shop SureFeed

Microchip Pet Feeder

Separate your pets at mealtime

Buy it! €170.00
Microchip Pet Feeder Connect

Keep track of your pet’s feeding habits

Buy it! €210.01
Sealed Pet Bowl

Motion-activated lid keeps food fresher

Buy it! €100.00
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