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Seasonal Dog Care

Why Animo is a great gift for dog owners

Not sure what to get your dog-owning friend or relative this Christmas? Our Animo activity and behaviour monitor could make the ideal gift. Here’s why.

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Sharing Sure Petcare data with your dog sitter

Sure Petcare’s connected range of pet products store data on your pet’s activity, behaviour and feeding, which can be useful to your dog sitter whilst you are away from home.

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How a dog sitter can prepare for looking after someone else’s dog

If you are a dog sitter looking after someone’s dog while they are on holiday, you will need to ensure you are well prepared for the task. Take a look at these top tips to ensure you are ready.

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Exercise tips for dogs in hot weather

When the weather is hot, you should make adjustments to your dog’s exercise regime so that they don’t become overheated. Here are our top tips to ensure your dog has the right level of exercise during the hot weather.

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How to stay connected with your dog while you are away

Many dog owners take their dogs on holiday with them, but this isn’t always practical, especially if the holiday is somewhere abroad.

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How to care for your dog during allergy season

Some dogs are prone to seasonal allergies and will start to lick, scratch or sneeze, which can be very uncomfortable for them. Take a look at these top tips to help your dog deal with seasonal allergies and reduce their symptoms.

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How to help your dog beat the winter blues

In the winter months, it’s natural for both pets and owners to feel the winter blues due to the colder weather and darker evenings. Here are some tips to help you ensure your dog stays happy this winter.

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How to keep your dog happy this Christmas

For many, Christmas is a time for family gatherings. Dogs are often seen as a member of the family, but we shouldn’t forget that they have different needs to humans, and that we need to ensure they are kept healthy and safe at Christmas. Here are a few things to bear in mind during the festive season.

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Caring for your dog’s paws in winter

When it’s very cold outside, a dog’s paws need some extra attention. Here are our top tips to help you care for your dog’s paws this winter.

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How to keep your dog happy this Halloween

Some dogs can find all the costumes and strange people knocking at your door unsettling at Halloween. These top tips will help to ensure your dog stays safe and happy.

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How the October clock change might affect your dog

If your dog is used to a routine, such as having their food at specific times or greeting you when you come home from work at the same time each day, then the October clock change may unsettle them as everything will happen an hour later than they’re used to.

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Equipment to invest in to prepare your dog for winter

It’s a great idea to get winter equipment for your dog before the weather starts to turn so that you’re all prepared. Here are our top suggestions for essential equipment for your dog this winter.

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How to protect your dog from the sun

Sun exposure will affect dogs in different ways depending on your dog’s coat and skin type. No matter what your dog’s physiology is like, it’s important to make sure they stay safe in the sun and limit exposure to prevent sunburn or heatstroke.

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How to keep your dog entertained while you’re on holiday

To ensure your dog is entertained while you are on holiday, choose a location that is well suited to your dog’s needs and feeds their sense of adventure. While small dogs could be happy exploring a town, larger dogs might want to stretch their legs in the countryside.

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Caring for your dog in summer

Your dog might love spending time outside on a hot summer day, but heatstroke and dehydration can be a concern. Follow our top tips to ensure your dog stays cool and in good health this summer.

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