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Potential dangers to kittens in the home

Kittens are very curious creatures and like to explore the world around them, sometimes in quite a boisterous way. As such, it’s important to ensure your home is free of dangers.

Small objects

Kittens might put anything and everything in their mouths to try to make sense of it. Make sure all small objects are cleared away and out of reach of your kitten. This includes dropped scraps of paper, string, coins or anything else small that is lying around. Having a kitten around is a good excuse to tidy up!

Cables and cords

A kitten might see an electrical cable or a cord on a blind as a fun toy and come to harm if he tries to play with it. Secure any dangling cables and cords out of your kitten’s reach.

Small spaces

Kittens can easily squeeze into very small spaces, so make sure any areas that you don’t want your kitten to access are blocked up.

Cleaning products

Many household products can make a kitten seriously ill if they are ingested. Keep all chemicals in high cupboards or better yet, behind a locked door. When using cleaning products, make sure your kitten is out of the way so that he doesn’t get too close when you’re spraying.


Keep the lids to your toilets closed as a kitten could easily drown from falling into a toilet.

Houseplants and cut flowers

Some plants, such as lilies and poinsettias, are poisonous to cats, so it’s best to avoid them. If you have cut flowers of any kind, place them in a heavy bottomed vase so that it can’t be knocked over by a playful kitten.

Hot food and drink

Kittens are bundles of energy and might leap up when you least expect it. If you’ve made yourself a nice hot cup of tea, stand it well out of your kitten’s reach when you’re not drinking it. When you’re cooking dinner, don’t leave the hob or oven unattended, or better still, close the door to the kitchen while you’re cooking so that your kitten can’t get near the hot pans. 

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