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Beware of plants that are poisonous to cats

Many of us like to adorn our houses and gardens with plants and flowers, but cat owners should familiarise themselves with plants that are poisonous to cats in order to protect their much loved pets. A bunch of lilies might look pretty, but they are toxic to cats.

Cats like to eat grass by they don’t generally make a habit of eating other plants. But lifestyle factors, such as boredom, might encourage a cat to investigate a plant out of curiosity. Kittens are also naturally more curious. Indoor cats might not get as much stimulation from their surroundings as outdoor cats, so they are particularly prone to investigating indoor flowers.

Cat owners needn’t rule out house plants altogether. Careful placement can be enough to deter cats from getting too close. For example, it would be more sensible to place a vase of flowers on a high shelf that a cat can’t access, than on the window sill where cats love to sit.

If you suspect that your cat has become ill due to ingesting a plant or flower, take him to the vet as soon as possible, along with samples of the plant to help your vet diagnose the best treatment.

A list of plants that are poisonous to cats can be found on the International Cat Care website. For further information about plants that are poisonous to cats and what to do if you suspect that your cat has been poisoned, contact your vet for advice.

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