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Will Thermochip™ work for the lifetime of my pet?

Yes, as with standard identification microchips, Thermochip is designed to work for the entire lifetime of a pet. 


Does Thermochip have a battery?

No, Thermochip is a passive pet identification microchip which stores a unique and locked 15-digit identification number. It has no battery and no other internal power source. A pet’s identification number and Microchip Temperature can be read using a compatible reader such as the SureSense Microchip Reader.


Is Thermochip safe for my pet?

Thermochip is encapsulated in a biocompatible and inert material called Bioglass.  This material has commonly been used in the manufacturing of pet identification microchips for more than 15 years.Packed in a sterile-proven disposable syringe.

Thermochip is certified by the International Committee for Animal Recording and is as safe as any other pet identification microchip.


How can I check whether my pet has a Thermochip?

Have a look at your pet’s vaccination/health booklet or pet passport and check whether a sticker has been applied in the identification section.  If so, this sticker may include the sentence “Thermochip: this identification microchip takes my temperature”.
Alternatively, please enter your pet’s 15-digit microchip number in our Microchip Checker.
If you are still unsure, please contact your vet for confirmation.


Where can I get a Thermochip microchip for my pet?

Please contact your vet to request a Thermochip for your pet.  If your pet is already microchipped, we strongly recommend that you do not microchip your pet again with a Thermochip.


My pet is already microchipped. Can he/she be microchipped again with a Thermochip?

If your pet’s identification microchip works, we strongly recommend that you do not microchip your pet again with a Thermochip. Implanting a second pet identification microchip may cause the wrong microchip to be read in the event that your pet becomes lost, thus reducing the likelihood of being reunited with your pet.


What is Microchip Temperature?

As for humans, temperature measurement in pets is an important health parameter that can signal changes in an animal’s wellbeing.  When implanted in dogs and cats, identification microchips are inserted into the subcutaneous layer of tissue, in the left side of the neck.

Therefore, Microchip Temperature measures an animal’s subcutaneous temperature, which is different from rectal (core body) temperature.  Microchip Temperature is not a replacement for rectal temperature, instead it is a measure which enables an animal’s individual temperature to be monitored more easily over time. This is because a microchip’s location makes it easier to take multiple temperature readings without causing any distress to an animal.

Multiple temperature measurements taken at different times of the day can, over time, reveal trends in an individual animal’s temperature profile.  When combined with information relating to the day-to-day activities and behaviour of a pet using a connected pet product, a more complete picture of a pet’s “normal” health and behaviour profile emerges.  Atypical variations from this profile could be indicative of changes in a pet’s wellbeing.


How can I monitor my pet’s temperature from home?

In 2019 Sure Petcare plans to launch the first two temperature-monitoring pet products for use in the home. The first, an internet-connected version of the award-winning SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder, will launch late in 2018, with temperature-monitoring functionality to be integrated towards the end of 2019.  The second, a smart collar for dogs, will launch in late 2019.  More info about temperature-monitoring products.

Where are the collected temperature readings stored?

As Thermochip is a passive identification microchip with no internal power source, the power required to read and receive a pet’s identification number and Microchip Temperature is provided by the microchip reader, feeder, smart collar, or other reading device. 

The temperature readings collected via temperature-monitoring products in the home, combined with additional information collected relating to your pet’s activity, will be sent to the Sure Petcare Web server.  From there you will be able to view them in your pet’s profile within the Sure Petcare app.  


Does my vet have access to the data collected at home?

Data collected from your pet’s connected products are shared only with you and other authorised members of your app account. 

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