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The future of pet care.

Temperature-monitoring products in your home

The first two products in a range of exciting temperature-monitoring products are planned to launch in 2019. Both products will read the Microchip Temperature of all pets microchipped with a ThermochipTM or any other brand of temperature-sensing microchip.

Microchip Pet Feeder Connect
Coming late-2018

An award-winner improved

An internet-connected version of our award-winning Microchip Pet Feeder, this product connects to the Sure Petcare app via the hub (sold separately).

It has been designed to monitor how much your cat eats on a day-to-day basis, and integrated weighing scales enable precise food portioning and monitoring of food intake for up to two different types of food.

Once a pet’s daily food intake goal has been set in the app, indicator lights on the front of the feeder notify you when the correct amount of food has been added to the bowl.

Learn about your pet

Gain a greater insight into your pet’s feeding behaviour by viewing the frequency, duration and times of feeding, as well as the quantity eaten, via the Sure Petcare app.

Temperature monitoring will not be available with this product at launch, but will be included in a free app upgrade by the end of 2019.

Smart Collar
Coming late 2019

Temperature and activity

Suitable for most sizes of dog, this adjustable collar records Microchip Temperature measurements at regular intervals, when worn by a pet with a Thermochip microchip. These temperature measurements are then transferred to the Sure Petcare app via Bluetooth.

The smart collar also tracks a dog’s activity and measures ambient temperature, providing improved accuracy of the interpretation of Microchip Temperature readings. Multiple daily temperature readings reported in the app make it easier for you and your vet to spot unusual variations in temperature which may indicate illness.

Track your pet's recovery

The smart collar also offers a practical way to monitor temperature during recovery from veterinary procedures or to aid in the management of existing medical conditions.

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