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Greater wellbeing insights

As pet owners’ connection is at our very heart, we know our pets are important members of our family, how do we get greater understanding into their wellbeing?

As pet owners’ connection is at our very heart. We know that our pets are more than that, they are important members of the family who are always there for us. They give us 100% so let’s give something back to them.

App-connected pet products are designed to provide you with a better understanding of your pet’s overall wellbeing, think of this like a snapshot into your pet’s behaviour. This highlights any trends or changes or provides reassurance for you knowing these devices are proactively monitoring your pet’s wellbeing throughout their lifetime.

These smart devices do more than just monitoring a pre-existing health condition or providing day-to-day convenience for a pet owner (although they do this too), they give a full window into your pet’s wellbeing, helping understand what is ‘normal’ for them. These data insights provide pet owners with ongoing reassurance or may highlight any changes that need further investigating by a veterinarian. Being quickly alerted to these changes can help with early diagnosis, starting a treatment plan sooner and can help improve the long-term outcome.

Sure Petcare have a full range app-connected products, these cover eating, drinking, outdoor access and activity. Each product provides an insight into that area, however by your pet using all these products you can get a more complete picture into your pet’s wellbeing. An example of this is your pet is eating less food while their water consumption has increased, add to this that they are using their pet door less and you can easily understand that there is further investigation needed here.   

SureFlap® Microchip Cat Flap Connect, SureFlap Microchip Pet Door Connect, SureFeed® Microchip Pet Feeder Connect and Felaqua® Connect all link to the Sure Petcare App via the sure Petcare Hub. Up to ten devices can be connected to one hub, if these are all tied to the same household the data from these can then be viewed per pet all in one place in the Sure Petcare App.

Our Connect doors tell an owner when their pet enters or leaves the house through the door, sends a notification each time the pet uses them and provides you with remote locking and unlocking functionality. While the Microchip Pet Feeder Connect gives an insight into a pet’s feeding behaviour, sending notifications each time the pet eats from the bowl. Felaqua Connect is a drinking monitoring station that is designed to encourage your cat to drink while providing data insights into individual cat’s drinking behaviour and highlighting any changes. Daily reports are stored within the Sure Petcare App so that the owner can start to learn patterns of behaviour, allowing you to notice changes which could be an indication of changes in their wellbeing.

Animo® is another Sure Petcare product that gives dog owners an insight into their dog’s health and wellbeing. This product is Bluetooth enabled and uses the Sure Petcare Animo App to report on a dog’s daily activity, calorie burn, sleep quality and any increases in barking, scratching or shaking. If you have a small dog, you can use the Microchip Pet Feeder Connect to monitor their feeding. This could help you to notice links between your dog’s feeding and activity or behaviour. For example, if your dog starts to eat less and has become less active, this could mean that your dog has developed an illness that is putting them off their food and making them feel lethargic. Being able to monitor as many different aspects of your dog’s health can give you a better chance of pinpointing any health concerns that may need further investigation.

Historical data is stored in graphs within the app, which makes it easy for owners to show any changes in behaviour to their vet.

Get a greater understanding of your pet’s wellbeing through app-connected products, while maintaining that strong connection with your pet, however busy your lifestyle is.

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