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Win an Animo at Crufts!

This year at Crufts, you have the chance to win an Animo, which is being included in a hamper of dog behaviour goodies that ADAPTIL are giving away at the show. Crufts is being held on 7th-10th March 2019 at the NEC in Birmingham. ADAPTIL will be on stand 38, Hall 4, so be sure to pay them a visit for your chance to win!

ADAPTIL CALM, the dog appeasing pheromone

The ADAPTIL dog pheromone product range will also be featured in the prize package. ADAPTIL helps to calm dogs by sending “comforting messages”, a synthetic copy of what the mother would release to her litter to give them confidence. It helps dogs cope in stressful situations, such as loud noises, travelling, night crying, staying home alone and much more.

Identifying stress

Animo and ADAPTIL have the potential to work well in harmony with one another. Animo can detect when your dog is barking to excess or if they have a poor night’s sleep and you can view this information over time. Barking and poor sleep could indicate that your dog is stressed, so ADAPTIL could help to calm them and reduce the stressed activity. If you start using ADAPTIL, you can then view the data in Animo to find out if it has helped to reduce their barking or improved their sleep quality.

Active dogs

Crufts is considered to be the world’s greatest dog show. Dog agility and flyball are popular activities at the event. Animo is the prefect product for dog owners who are conscious of their pet’s activity. It tracks how active a dog is each day and enables dog owners to set activity goals for their pet. Animo has been designed as a lifelong addition to your dog’s care and its adaptive algorithm meets the changing needs of your dog as they get older.

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