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CES Unveiled Amsterdam is a day-long event and brings together the technology media and influencers within the region to showcase new products in the Consumer Electronics industry.  Sure Petcare will have a table top area at the event for visitors to view the products, which will also feature the award-winning SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder.

Andy Bank, Commercial Director at Sure Petcare said: “CES Unveiled Amsterdam will be the perfect platform to share our latest product, the Microchip Pet Door Connect to the European technology community.

“The Microchip Pet Door Connect is the first of a series of connected products that we will be launching over the coming months.  Our future product roadmap features intelligently connected products designed to empower proactive pet care by providing data and insight into a pet’s unique day-to-day behaviour, activities and routines.”

Designed for cats and small dogs, the Microchip Pet Door Connect works via a “hub” device, which connects the pet door to the Internet. The pet owner is then able to control and monitor the comings and goings of their pets from the Sure Petcare app when they’re away from home.

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Notes to editors:

Sure Petcare is a trading name of SureFlap Ltd.


About Sure Petcare:

Sure Petcare, the pet technology specialist, provides pet products that empower owners to care for their pets in entirely new ways.

Founded in 2007, Sure Petcare has developed an award-winning range of microchip-operated pet doors and feeders including the Microchip Cat Flap, the Microchip Pet Door, Microchip Pet Feeder and Sealed Pet Bowl which solve many problems commonly experienced by pet owners.

Through continuous innovation, Sure Petcare launched its first connected product - the Microchip Pet Door Connect in 2017, which enables pet owners to control the pet door using an app.

The company’s near-term product roadmap features a portfolio of connected products designed to provide proactive pet care by giving owners data and insight into their pets’ day-to-day behaviours, activities and routines.  Over time, this information provides a greater understanding of their pets’ health and wellbeing.

Sure Petcare products have been used by pet owners across the globe for almost ten years.  The company sells direct, through retail, pet stores and leading veterinary practices in 35 countries.


For further information visit www.surepetcare.com.


Press Contact:

Kathleen Speichert

T: 44 (0) 1954 211664

E: press@surepetcare.com


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