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Local business hosts cat-themed party to support international cat charity

Cambridge-based cat lovers are invited to join the Cambridge Cat Clinic, Sure Petcare and International Cat Care for a cat-themed party celebrating all things feline, to be held on Thursday 21 June at the Cambridge Cat Clinic in Fulbourn.

Cambridge Cat Clinic, a Gold Standard Cat Friendly Clinic, will be hosting the event which sets to raise money for International Cat Care as it celebrates its 60th anniversary supporting feline health globally. 

The party will feature cat-themed cocktails with gin generously donated by local company Pinkster. There will also be a behind the scenes tour of the Cat Friendly Clinic's specialist feline facilities, an opportunity to learn about future innovations for cat owners and a fiendish feline quiz, along with other fun and games. There'll also be an opportunity to support International Cat Care by signing up to their International Declaration on the Responsibilities to Cats.

Shelley Gregory-Jones, Development Director of International Cat Care said: “This is a great way to celebrate our 60th anniversary year supporting proactive feline health and wellbeing. Not only will it be a fun evening of games and activities celebrating all things cats, it will be the perfect opportunity for guests to see a behind the scenes tour of a gold standard cat-dedicated clinic.”

Judith Bank, Head of Marketing at Sure Petcare said: “We are delighted to support International Cat Care and their 60th Anniversary celebrations. Cat health and wellbeing is close to our hearts and, is the basis of our product and company ethos.”

Places are limited, and guests are kindly asked to provide a donation to the charity which will include all activities as well as a free cat-themed cocktail on arrival.  Tickets can be purchased at: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/cat-cocktail-party-tickets-45096429635

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