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The Bio-Thermo microchip for dogs – so much more than an ID chip

With compulsory microchipping coming into force on the 6th April, now is the time to get your dog microchipped if you haven’t already done so.

Standard microchips will identify your dog and help return him to you if he ever gets lost. But did you know that there is a microchip that can do so much more?

The idENTICHIP® with Bio-Thermo™ microchip includes a temperature sensor as well as an identification number, giving you a whole new, non-invasive way of taking your dog’s temperature.

Usually your dog’s temperature will only be taken during a vet visit, but starting in April, pets across the country with Bio-Thermo microchips will be having their temperature taken using the specially designed SureSense™ Temperature Reader.

It’s all part of the nation’s largest pet temperature study aimed at giving pet owners the opportunity to take their pet’s temperature at home and identify the first signs of possible illness before taking them to the vet.

Take part in the study

During the study, you’ll take your dog’s temperature a few times a day until you have reached 100 readings. At the end of the study, you’ll get to keep the Temperature Reader so that you can continue monitoring your dog’s temperature throughout his life.

Dogs of different breeds, age and sex have slight variations in temperature. By having the ability to take multiple readings over time, you can gain a more accurate overview of your pet’s individual temperature.

If you’re interested in getting an idENTICHIP with Bio-Thermo microchip for your pet, you can find your nearest veterinary stockist using our Bio-Thermo stockist locator.

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