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The Claypole family

Owner gets new insight into her cats’ feeding habits

Amy had no idea about her cats’ feeding patterns until she gave them each a SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder Connect. We got in touch with her to find out how this product has given her an insight into Dizzee and Rascal’s daily routine and how it helped her to keep Rascal’s special diet separate and how it ensured that Dizzee got the right amount of food when she was unwell.

How did you find the setup of the Microchip Pet Feeder Connect?

The feeder was very easy to set up, with clear instructions on the initial set up and the process of setting up the training mode. Rascal was a little hesitant at first and would not put her paws on the mat, but she and Dizzee quickly got the hang of the feeders and once they realised food was involved, they were using the feeders out of training mode after just over a week.

How has the feeder helped with Rascal’s urinary condition and special diet?

The pet feeders have been a wonderful help with ensuring that Rascal has the correct food. She was diagnosed with a lifelong urinary condition in January 2018 and has been on (very expensive!) specialist food since, which unfortunately Dizzee became rather partial to and was often found with her head in Rascal's food bowl! It was always difficult to ensure the right cat was eating the right food, as both Dizzee and Rascal like to graze on food during the day rather than eat a full meal in one go. I would always end up leaving the food out and I wouldn’t really know who had eaten what or how much food each cat had eaten! 

Has the feeder helped with any other issues that either of your cats were experiencing?

Dizzee fractured her hip and had a femoral head excision (removal of her hip joint) in April 2019. Following this, she was limited in her physical activity as part of her recovery. During this time, it was essential to ensure she was not overeating, and by using the feeder, I was able to weigh her food out and know that she was only eating her allocated portion throughout the day. 

Has the feeder given you an insight into your pet’s feeding habits?

Yes! I always thought Dizzee and Rascal slept all night, but it turns out they are both partial to a feed in the early hours! Also, it has confirmed that they do both pick at food during the day, preferring to eat little and often rather than a full portion in one meal.  It is fascinating to see how many feeds they have had during the day and how long they have spent at their feeders.

Does the feeder make you feel more connected to your pets?

I love to analyse their eating habits and see patterns forming! I also love to hear the little 'meow' when they have eaten and I’m sitting at my desk at work! 

Are you using the single bowls, or the half bowls?

For Rascal, we use the single bowl as she only has dry food. She had skin irritation on her chin when she was a kitten. The vet said it was possibly a reaction to using plastic bowls, so she has the single stainless steel bowls with her feeder.  Dizzee has the half bowls as she has some wet and some dry food, so these meet her needs perfectly. 

Two cats eating from SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder ConnectsWhat type of food do you feed your pets?

Rascal has a specialist dry food on prescription from the vets. Dizzee has a mixture of wet and dry food and I love that the feeders keep the food fresh, especially in warmer weather as pet food attracts flies! 

Do any of your pets have weight problems and if so, how has or will the feeder help them?

As mentioned, Dizzee had significant hip surgery this year and we need to monitor her weight to ensure she does not put any additional pressure on her joints. Also, as she was possibly eating more food than Rascal when we left food down for them, she needed to trim down a little and the feeders have been brilliant to assist with this. She had lost 0.5kg of weight at her most recent check-up! 

How did you find the setup of the app?

The app was easy to set up and understand. It was great to be able to personalise Dizzee and Rascal’s profiles with their photographs, and set a daily weight limit for daily food intake.

How often do you use the app and when do you interact with the app most?

I use the app every day. I like to see how much Dizzee and Rascal have eaten during the day, and how much they can still have within their daily limit.

Is there any area of the app that you have used most?

I look at the amount of food consumed by Dizzee and Rascal the most, what time they last ate and how many feeds they are having throughout the day.

Do you find the notifications useful, and if so, why?

It is good to see when the cats have eaten as when I am not at home it reassures me that they are both ok!

Have you shared access to the app with anyone such as friends, family or pet sitters?

My husband has the app and also receives notifications. I also shared access with my parents who were cat sitting when we were on holiday recently. They thought the feeders were brilliant!

Did you find the feeders useful and did they give you peace of mind while you were away?

I loved that I could see that Dizzee and Rascal were feeding while we were away, and it helped me to feel closer to them as I do miss them while we are away! 

Is there any additional feedback you would like to share?

I love the additional products that can be purchased to personalise the pet feeders, such as coloured mats and coloured bowls.

Would you recommend the product?

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the pet feeders. They have made a real difference to our lives and we are very impressed! They are so easy to use, and I love the weighing scale mechanism as it makes portioning food so easy! 

How did you first hear about Sure Petcare?

We have the Microchip Cat Flap, purchased in 2014 when Dizzee and Rascal were kittens.

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