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The Taylor family

The purr-fect solution for a multi-pet household

The cats in the Taylor household have been using Sure Petcare products for a number of years, having started with the SureFlap Microchip Cat Flap before moving on to the Microchip Pet Door Connect.

Kate has three cats: Sia and Midnight (both 11 years old) and Smokey who is 9. She also has Pepsi the puppy, who is 3 months old.

The Microchip Pet Door Connect has been particularly useful since Sia was recently diagnosed with arthritis. The cats also use the SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeders however Pepsi is yet to try the Sure Petcare range.

Kate takes us through how the Microchip Pet Door Connect has enabled her to support Sia and also take care of the other cats in the household.

Kate, why did you choose the Microchip Pet Door Connect?

Sia was struggling to get through the original cat flap as she is a big cat and so, after some research on surepetcare.com, I found out about the Microchip Pet Door Connect. The fact that I could keep track of my pets really appealed to me.

How has the Microchip Pet Door Connect helped Sia and the other cats?

Taylor Sure Petcare product case studyIt has made it easier for Sia to get in and out of the house, especially with her arthritis, which was really important.  When we need to give Sia her medication, or see where the other cats are, it is easy to check if they are already in the house without searching for them.

I recently took them all to the vets for their regular check-up and, as soon as I knew that they were all in, I could quickly lock the door with the app and stop them from getting out again.

Monthly flea treatment time is also a challenge with three cats; as soon as they hear the packaging rustle, they try to leave. Now I can keep them in and lock the door without having to alarm them and let them out as soon as the treatment has been completed.

Have you learnt anything new about your cats since installing the Microchip Pet Door Connect?

It's been really interesting to see how often my cats go out at night: one cat is constantly in and out during the night which I hadn’t known about before. Recently we have had builders in and my youngest cat, who is very timid, stays out all day. As soon as the builders leave through the front door she comes in.

It also gives added peace of mind when we have been on holiday.  I can easily see when the cats have come in, especially after scheduled feeding time. Our cat sitters would always comment that they never saw two of the cats and that used to worry me.  Now I know exactly when they have come in and I can worry less about them not eating.

How often do you interact with the Sure Petcare App?

The app has been invaluable during medication times but occasionally, it is great just to check in on them and see what they have been up to.  I mainly use the notifications to remote lock the door and keep them in when we need to go out.

In the Taylor home...

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