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The Foster family

Microchip Pet Door Connect’s remote locking comes in handy

Nick initially bought the SureFlap Microchip Pet Door to keep the cats in the house after dark, particularly as he lives on a busy road. Having moved onto the Microchip Pet Door Connect, he can now access the remote locking facility, particularly if he is kept later in the office.

Carrot and Sausage live in Nottingham with Nick, a busy IT Consultant, who often works long hours and has travel commitments. Nick inherited the pair when he moved into his new home and found both cats living in nearby farm outbuildings. Both cats are around three or four years old and, as they have had limited interaction with other humans, can be timid around people.

Added peace of mind on dark nights

Nick has a significant commute and can often be home later so moved onto the Microchip Pet Door Connect so that he could change access settings to the door remotely.  On the nights that Nick leaves the office later, he often finds Carrot and Sausage waiting for him at the top of the driveway, which leads onto a busy main road.  On one occasion, both cats had run across the road which, on darker nights, would put them at risk of being run over.  Through the Sure Petcare App, Nick is now able to lock the door around an hour before it gets dark, ensuring that both cats are inside safely when he returns.   

Carrot and Sausage Pet Door Connect case study 1Carrot and Sausage Pet Door Connect case study 2

Sharing the care when travelling

As an IT Consultant, Nick is often travelling with his job and relies upon his mother to come in and feed the cats.  As both are timid, they will not come in at meal times for other humans.  Nick has provided access to his mother who can now lock the cats in remotely before she arrives to change the food and water bowls and has added security that both have been fed.  The notifications make this much easier and Nick has additional comfort when he is away that not only have Carrot and Sausage been fed, they are also safely inside the house when he is away.

Nick said: “The Microchip Pet Door Connect is fantastic.  I've been looking for a product like this for a long time.  It's particularly useful when I'm away from home and don't have anybody to lock my cats in overnight.  I also like to know when my cats have last interacted with the door when I'm not at home, which the app does nicely.”

Carrot and Sausage Pet Door Connect case study 3

In the Foster home...

Microchip Pet Door Connect (2.4GHz) - White

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