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The Logan family

Cat flap upgrade gives Jude greater insight into cat behaviour

Jude has two cats, Mo and Ima, who are nine-year-old sisters. Her cats used to have a SureFlap Microchip Cat Flap which worked very well for them. When she discovered the Microchip Pet Door Connect she decided to upgrade. Jude likes having the ability to track when her cats are in or out of the house and being able to lock the pet door remotely.

Locking the Microchip Pet Door Connect remotely helps Jude ensure her cats’ safety. If she’s going to be late home from work unexpectedly or the weather turns bad she can lock her cats inside until she gets home. She also mentioned that before she had the pet door she once went to work and didn’t think about it being firework season. The Pet Door Connect would have enabled her to lock her cats in safely after she’d left the house.

We found out how Jude is getting on with the new pet door.

Has the pet door enabled you to have any further insight in the behaviour of your cats?

Yes, I have one cat who does not use it at all and one who does. I now know that she likes to go out immediately after she has been fed. She's not always out for long but she does like to go out. I also see how often my neighbours’ cats try to get in.

Does the pet door make you feel more connected with your cats?

Yes, I love receiving the alert every time she goes in or out or even just looks through it.

Mo and Ima pet door case study 1Mo and Ima pet door case study 2

How did you find the setup of the app?

The app was very simple to set up with clear straightforward instructions.

How often do you use the app and when do you interact with the app most?

I use the app several times a week to lock the pet door at night. I also have a watch that receives the notifications which is great.

Is there any area of the app that you have used most?

I have definitely used the remote locking feature the most. I also use the activity features to see whether she's in or out.

Do the notifications provide any additional insight?

Yes, they have shown that my cat prefers to go out as soon as she has eaten and doesn't usually stay out for long.

Is there any additional feedback you would like to share?

It’s a simple thing to set up and use.  I can see exactly what my cats are up to, check how long they've been out and still be safe in the knowledge that intruder cats can’t get in.  My neighbour’s cat tries daily to get in and he’s never managed to.

Would you recommend the product?


How did you first hear about Sure Petcare?

When I got my cats it was only one of two manufacturers that had a microchip cat flap. The reputation of Sure Petcare was what made me choose them.

In the Logan home...

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