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The Wells family

New activity monitor for dogs is discreet and robust

Stacey and Kieron have a three-year-old Finnish Spitz called Pepper. Pepper has been using Animo, our new activity and behaviour monitor for dogs, for the last three months. We got in touch with them to find out how things are going.

Pepper the dog wearing AnimoStacey said: “I’m more aware of Pepper’s activity now. Before Animo, I thought her activity would be crazy all the time, but I’ve since learned that she actually spends a lot of time chilling out.”

Kieron uses all aspects of the app regularly, but the first thing he looks for is sleep quality, because once they’ve gone to bed, they wouldn’t have any idea how well Pepper is sleeping without Animo.

Stacey and Kieron said they were impressed with how discreet and robust Animo is; it’s never fallen off and they have found it very easy to attach and detach from Pepper’s collar. It’s enabled them to feel more connected to Pepper when they’re away because whoever is looking after her can sync the product at home, so that Stacey and Kieron can view her activity while they’re on holiday. Stacey’s mother looked after Pepper during a recent trip away and they found themselves checking the app regularly, giving them instant peace of mind.

Before getting Animo, Stacey and Kieron went on two holidays and left Pepper with a pet sitter – Animo would have put their minds at rest if they’d had it back then. They have a friend who is a dog walker and they commented on how they could use Animo to promote their business as it would demonstrate that the dogs in their care are being properly looked after.

Stacey and Kieron think the product is discreet, robust and really clever. It’s a nice little gadget that they would definitely recommend to friends and family.

In the Wells home...

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