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Animo goal setting and activity graphs

The Animo activity and behaviour monitor can help you keep track of your dog’s activity and ensure they get the right level of exercise each day. Here we take a look at setting goals and monitoring your dog’s activity graphs using the Sure Petcare – Animo app.

Setting activity goals

When you are taking your dog for a walk or they are playing in the garden, it can be difficult to determine how much exercise they are getting. Animo allows you to set daily activity goals for your dog so that you can ensure they are getting the right amount of exercise each day.

Setting the right goal

Animo activity graph Not sure how much exercise your dog should be getting? As dogs vary so much in size, breed and weight, the amount of exercise that might be right for one dog might be too much or too little for another. You can speak to your vet about the level of exercise that is most suitable for your dog.

A great way to refine your dog’s activity goal is to compare the amount of exercise your dog is getting with other aspects of Animo and any physical conditions your dog might have. For example, Animo measures your dog’s sleep quality each night. If your dog gets too much exercise and has joint problems, this could affect their sleep. If they are having trouble sleeping at night, you can try adjusting their daily activity goal to see if this improves their sleep.

Setting the right activity goal may also be determined by the time of year. During the warmer months, setting a slightly lower activity goal will ensure your dog doesn’t overexert themselves and become overheated. You may also need to lower your dog’s activity goal as they get older and become less mobile.

Animo activity graphs

Activity graphs can be viewed by week, month or year and they outline how much your dog is active, how much they walk and how much run they run. Over time, you can start to learn your dog’s normal pattern of activity. This can help because if your dog requires more exercise, for example to lose weight, you can try to incorporate more activity into their daily routine and periodically check the graphs to see if they’re getting more exercise.

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