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How to care for your dog during allergy season

Some dogs are prone to seasonal allergies and will start to lick, scratch or sneeze, which can be very uncomfortable for them. Take a look at these top tips to help your dog deal with seasonal allergies and reduce their symptoms.

Walk time

The early morning or late afternoon are times when pollen levels are high, so it’s a good idea to avoid walking your dog at these times. If it’s a hot day though, bear in mind that the middle of the day should be avoided too, because the sun will be at its hottest. An evening walk is the ideal option. Applying oatmeal and aloe vera to your dog’s fur prior to the walk can help to deter pollen.

Wipe paws

When you return from a walk or when your dog comes in from the garden, wipe your dog’s paws to remove pollen so that they don’t traipse it around the house. Apple cider vinegar can be used effectively to remove pollen from your dog’s paws.

Clean the house

Vacuum carpets and rugs regularly and clean soft furnishings to remove traces of pollen or dust from around your home. Clean your dog’s bed regularly to remove pollen so that they don’t continuously lie in it and aggravate their symptoms. Make this task easier by lining your dog’s bed with a blanket and keep a replacement blanket on standby to replace it whilst it’s being washed.

Bath time

Bathe and groom your dog to remove pollen from their fur and use a hypoallergenic shampoo to wash them. If your dog’s skin is particularly irritated, speak to your vet about what you can use to soothe their symptoms.

Monitor scratching

Take note of how much your dog is scratching. If they start to scratch more than usual, your dog may need to see a vet for treatment to prevent them from developing painful sores. If your dog uses an Animo activity and behaviour monitor, you can easily monitor how much your dog is scratching and be notified of significant increases in scratching behaviour. Animo is a collar-mounted device that stays with your dog at all times, allowing you to keep track of their behaviour.

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