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Charitable giving - how you can support your favourite charity through Sure Petcare

Donations to charities this year have been reducing, with figures showing up to a reduction of almost a third*of voluntary donations due to the effects of the global pandemic. At a time when much needed funds are more crucial than ever; we’d like to tell you more about two charities that we are proud to have partnered with for several years:


Cats Protection

Our longest standing charity partner, Cats Protection was founded in 1927 and is the UK’s leading feline welfare charity. It helps around 200,000 cats and kittens every year thanks to its network of around 230 volunteer-run branches and 37 centres. Its three main aims are: to find homes for cats in need, encourage neutering and provide information about how to care for cats correctly.

Despite a sudden drop in income due to the current crisis, Cats Protection is dedicated to caring for, fostering and rehoming cats in need across the UK.

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 they had to close their centres to the public in March, but behind the scenes their teams of dedicated employees and volunteers on the front line worked incredibly hard looking after the thousands of cats in their care. Thankfully they were able to start homing cats again in April via their ‘hands-free homing’ service – a safe way for people to adopt, which involves cats being matched with the forever families online and delivered to their new homes.

COVID-19 has had a major impact on their work, but they continue to do all they can to care for cats while also protecting their team, employees and volunteers alike. Sadly, they expect that the impact of the crisis is likely to mean many more cats needing our help in the future. With neutering still limited across the UK and with so many people facing life changing circumstances, they will need to take care of thousands of cats and kittens in 2020 and beyond.

If you are considering purchasing a Sure Petcare product, our Cats Protection affiliate scheme is the ideal way to do so, while also supporting a much-loved charity. For every product sold via the scheme, we’ll make a 15% donation to Cats Protection and you’ll also receive a 20% discount on your purchase. More information about the Cats Protection affiliate scheme can be found here.


Wood Green, The Animals Charity

Based within a few miles of our Cambridge Head office in nearby Godmanchester, Wood Green, The Animals Charity has become one of the largest pet rehoming centres in Europe for the care of dogs, cats and smalls pets.

The charity takes in unwanted and lost pets, provides shelter and care, finds secure and loving homes, provides advice and guidance to pet owners and increases public awareness of responsible pet ownership. Thousands of pets are rehomed every year and up to  500 pets can be in their care at any one time. Wood Greenrelies on donations from the public and runs a number of charity shops which help support their work. 

At Sure Petcare, we have supported the charity for a number of years through our affiliate scheme. For every product sold, Wood Green supporters get a discount which Sure Petcare will match with a donation directly to the charity. We have also supported Wood Green by sponsoring a cat summer house; a temporary home for cats with specific needs to stay in while they wait for their forever home.

https://www.surepetcare.com/en-gb/advice-news/charity-partners*research published by www.fundraising.co.uk posted 22 July 2020 https://fundraising.co.uk/2020/07/22/almost-a-third-of-charities-report-decline-in-voluntary-income/ 

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