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Survey reveals the Christmas buying habits of pet owners

We know that many people consider their pets to be part of the family so we decided to conduct a survey to discover how much owners might be spending on their pets this Christmas and the types of presents they might be buying. Here’s what we found.

Many will buy presents

We surveyed 993 people and found that 841 of them (85%) are planning on buying their pets a Christmas present this year. Of those people who plan to buy a present, 28% will start their shopping in October and 42% will start their shopping in November, which demonstrates that many will have a considered, organised approach to their shopping.

Instore vs online shopping

In this digital age, a surprising 76% will prefer to shop for their pet’s Christmas present in a physical shop, while 58% will search online. Taking the effort to shop instore could perhaps show an extra level of care and consideration when buying a pet’s present.

High-tech pet presents

Many of the respondents have technology for themselves or in the home (61% own a smart watch; 58% own Alexa, G Home, Nest etc and 25% own smart lighting) and 40% have said they would be happy to spend over £40 on their pets, while 42% said they would consider buying smart technology for their pets. Of those interested in pet tech, 63% said they would buy a smart tracker, 48% a smart pet feeder and 34% a smart pet door. This shows that many pet owners might be considering a Sure Petcare product for their pet’s present this Christmas.

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