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Get happiness from your pet on Blue Monday

The third Monday in January is often referred to as Blue Monday, but if we turn to our pets, we’ll realise there’s nothing to be depressed about. Any pet owner will understand the happiness their pet brings them; after all, it’s one of the main reasons for having a pet. Here we pinpoint exactly what it is that makes us smile about our pets.


Pets are great companions, offering unconditional love and keeping us company when we’re in the house on our own. Loneliness can make us feel down, but if we have a pet to turn to then we need never feel lonely.

Showing us affection

Pets make us feel happy when they show us affection, whether it’s through half closed eyes, rubbing their cheek against our hand or a wagging tail.

A close bond

Studies have shown that when a dog interacts with its owner, oxytocin (or the ‘love’ hormone) is released. Both the dog and the owner experience this rise in oxytocin, which is more commonly associated with the maternal bond between a mother and baby. This rise in oxytocin makes us feel happy.

Friendly greeting

Some pets rush up to their owners, greeting them when they come home from work, bringing a smile to their faces after a busy day.

Encourage us to exercise

Having a pet might mean that we get more exercise, whether it’s through walking the dog or running around with a cat toy. Exercise benefits both pet and owner, making us feel more energised and happy.

Source of entertainment

Many pets will amuse their owners through their daily antics. Whether they’re chasing leaves in the garden, hiding in boxes or slumbering in unusual places; they often bring a smile to our faces.

Peaceful purrs

The sound of a cat purring is a sound of contentment, so listening to a cat purr can help us feel calm and content too.

Close proximity

Some pets will often sit or sleep close to their owner. Just having them near makes us feel happy.

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