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How to encourage your cat to exercise more

Cats are very independent, often solitary creatures, so ensuring they get enough exercise can be difficult. Take a look at these top tips to encourage your cat to exercise more.

Different levels

Cats love to climb up high so make sure they have plenty of different levels to climb up onto both in and out of the house. Give your cat access to tall furniture and provide shelves specifically for your cat to climb up.

Scratching posts

Cats love to scratch their claws to keep them in tip top condition and to mark their territory. It can be good exercise for them too, so be sure to give them access to multiple scratching points both in and out of the house.

Access around the house

If you can, give your cat access to the whole house so that they can explore different rooms and use the stairs to exercise their legs more.

Install a cat flap

A cat flap will allow your cat to explore their territory whenever they choose, without having to wait for you to open the door. Install a Microchip Cat Flap to keep intruder cats out of your home.

Cat-friendly garden

A plain patch of grass is not inviting to a cat. Make sure your garden offers lots of interesting nooks and crannies for your cat to explore by planting large bushes or trees and positioning furniture or sculptures for them to climb up onto. Take a look at our article to help you find ways to make your garden cat-friendly

Alternate toys

If your cat has access to the same toys all the time they might grow bored of them. Encourage your cat to play with toys more by hiding a few for a while before getting them out again. Rather than leaving them to play on their own all the time, play with your cat regularly. The interaction is great for bonding and can encourage them to play more energetically.

Hide your cat’s food

Hiding some of your cat’s food around the house can turn meal times into a treasure hunt. It’s a great way to get them to be more active around the house.

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