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The family

Veterinary Nurse manages multi-diets with ease

Narissa is a Veterinary Nurse and proud owner of multiple pets, including Popcorn, her male cat. After years of feeding the cats on a high surface away from her dog, and a recent change in Popcorn’s dietary requirements, Narissa needed a feeding solution for her multi-pet household.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your pets?
 I am a Registered Veterinary Nurse, and I have three cats, and one dog. It’s always been a case of making sure they all stick to eating their own food, and I have always had to ensure the cats are fed on a high surface so that my dog doesn’t eat their food.

Are any of your pets on a specialist diet or have any conditions that relate to food?
Recently one of my cats has been diagnosed with digestive sensitivities so has been put on a prescription diet to combat this.

Why did the Microchip Pet Feeder interest you?
Due to my cat being diagnosed with IBD, I needed something to prevent the other cats from eating his new (rather expensive) diet. I just make sure I monitor the other cats that they have always eaten their allowances so that he doesn’t eat their leftovers.

How did you find the setup of the feeder?
Brilliant. Really easy to follow.

How did your pets take to using the feeder?
He took to eat really easily. He wasn't scared of it, there is no loud noise from the lid mechanism and no sharp movements, so nothing about it made him anxious at all. A few little treats for encouragement and he got it within just a few hours.

Has the feeder served its purpose? Has it solved a specific issue?
It has. I'd love to save up to get two more so that I can be even more accurate and specific for my cats when it comes to meal times.

How do you think other pet owners could benefit?
Definitely, a few of my weight clinic clients from work have told me they have purchased for their multi-cat households. This aids them to make sure their cats are getting their daily allowance of food, and none of their other cats are eating it.

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