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The Elliott family

Sealed Pet Bowl keeps food fresher

Clare’s eight-year-old black cat Douglas grazes on dry food throughout the day and is given wet food twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening.

Clare purchased two SureFeed Sealed Pet Bowls, one for his dry food and one for his wet food.

Clare, can you tell us why you chose the SureFeed Sealed Pet Bowl?

“To stop the smell of all food (dry and wet), but mainly to keep the wet food fresh if he doesn’t eat it all. We were throwing wet food away, as once it’s left out for just a short period of time he’ll refuse to eat it again.”

Black cat with SureFeed Sealed Pet Bowl

How has the Sealed Pet Bowl made a difference?

“The bowl is keeping the food fresh enough that we can leave it out for longer. He’s now able to have wet food to graze on as well as dry, and it doesn’t bother us because it doesn’t smell. And it’s already saving us money after just a week, as we’re throwing less wet food away each day. I’m extremely impressed, and so is Douglas, as he will now eat it at a later date, whereas before he would refuse to eat anything that had been left out for just a very short time!”

How quickly did Douglas take to his new bowl?

“Instantly – he didn’t seem bothered by it – although he did stare at it for a while for the first few days! We didn’t need to use the training mode.”

Would you recommend the Sealed Pet Bowl to other pet-owning people?

“Yes, 100%. I already have! Two of my friends are wanting to buy one now!”

Is there anything else you would like to share about your purchase?

“I initially thought it was expensive, just a bowl to feed my cat! But, actually, I can see that in quite a short period of time I will get my money back, as I’m already throwing less food away and so saving money. And eliminating the smell is great – I didn’t think that would be as noticeable as it is! And presumably the cat is preferring it too, as all his food is fresher for longer, and why wouldn’t he be happy about that!”

In the Elliott home...

Sealed Pet Bowl

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