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The Staddon family

Sealed Pet Bowl banishes flies

Melissa Staddon lives with a gorgeous ginger cat called Moley. Moley is reaping the benefits of his new SureFeed Sealed Pet Bowl.

Melissa, can you tell us why you purchased a Sealed Pet Bowl?

I purchased the Sealed Pet Bowl as Moley would often leave unfinished wet food after a sitting. This became a problem during the summer months as we'd often get flies in the house that would perch on the leftovers. The new bowl means any uneaten food stays fresh and fly-free.

How easy is it to set up?

It's very easy to set up; just insert the batteries and off you go. The manual is very helpful, particularly when explaining the training mode - this is my favourite feature.

What do you like about the training mode?

I love the fact that there are so many settings, depending on how confident your pet is. Our cat Moley is currently using the training mode in setting number three and we're definitely making progress. He's always been quite a nervy cat and the mechanics of the pet bowl as it opens and closes scares him a little. I'm confident though that by gradually allowing more and more lid movement by using the training mode, he'll be using it freely in no time.

Moley the ginger catMoley ginger cat with SureFeed Sealed Pet Bowl 

How did you first hear about the Sealed Pet Bowl?

I first heard of the pet bowl from browsing other products on SureFlap's website (we already own a Microchip Cat Flap). I originally planned to buy a different SureFeed model but the Sealed Pet Bowl is more within my budget.

Would you recommend this product to other pet owners?

I'd definitely recommend this pet bowl to others; I can't praise it enough. It keeps food fresher for longer, keeps food odours locked in and stops those pesky insects tucking in.

Moley ginger cat with SureFeed Sealed Pet Bowl

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