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The Clarkstone family

Two Microchip Cat Flap Connects give insight in cats’ day

Rachel has two Microchip Cat Flap Connects for her three cats, Caspian, Milo and Leela. One cat flap is installed in the patio door and the other is installed in the front door. Having two access points in and out of the house means her cats can explore their territory more freely because it’s quite difficult for them to get from the back garden to the front when they’re outside.

The Microchip Cat Flap Connect can be locked or unlocked remotely, and Rachel has already found this feature invaluable. When the neighbours were having building work done, the cats had direct access to two other gardens, one of which has a dog. Rachel was worried the cats might get hurt by the work going on or by the dog. Therefore, she locked the cat flap remotely. She was so grateful for this feature as she would have been extremely worried all day if she hadn’t been able to lock it.

Another reassuring feature of the cat flap is that Rachel can check that one of the cats has been in to eat her food by using the app. Rachel tends to go on the app to find out how long the cats have been outside, which is especially useful during hot weather. She wants to know that the cats are going out enough to cool down because their house gets very hot in the summer.

Black catBlack cat

The cat flap has made Rachel think more about her cats’ behaviour. She knew that Caspian didn’t go out as much as the younger cats but didn’t realise he went out quite as little as he does. It has made her wonder whether he is getting enough exercise.

Rachel feels the Microchip Cat Flap Connect makes her feel more connected with her cats. She thinks about the cats more when she receives a notification that one of them has entered or exited the house. She can tell when the cats are playing because she can see that they run in through one cat flap and out through the other, or two of them will follow each other in or out whilst playing. Sometimes she’ll text her partner to discuss the fact the cats are playing and they will try to work out what they might be up to based on what they can see in the app.

In the Clarkstone home...

Microchip Cat Flap Connect

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