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The Patton family

Microchip Cat Flap Connect gives peace of mind

Lucy has a SureFlap Microchip Cat Flap Connect for her cat Lockie. When Lucy isn’t at home, the cat flap gives her peace of mind because she receives live updates that her cat is using the cat flap. We got in touch with Lucy to find out more.

How has the cat flap made a difference?

The cat flap has allowed us to feel more comfortable when myself and my partner are at work. To be able to tell when Lockie is inside or out and to check if he has been in to eat or sleep throughout the day has really helped.

Has the cat flap provided you with more control over Lockie’s access? 

Lockie the catThe cat flap has definitely given us more control. When we are out in the evening, we can lock the door remotely once Lockie is inside to stop him going out again. We can be out in the evening and once Lockie is inside for the night we can lock the door to assure he doesn't go out all night. Then we can let him out early in the morning using our phones while we’re still in bed!

Has the cat flap enabled you to have any further insight into Lockie’s behaviour?

It has given us an insight as to how much he enjoys being out and how often he pops back in throughout the day to eat and sleep, which has been great for us to monitor.

Does the cat flap make you feel more connected to Lockie?

We definitely feel like we know more about his habits. When he is feeling less confident, he goes in and out of the cat flap more frequently. It has allowed us to look out for certain behaviours now.

How did you find the setup of the app?

The setup was simple and did not take long at all.

How often do you use the app and when do you interact with the app most?

We mainly use the app to check when Lockie last went outside and to make sure he hasn't been out for too long during the day, which could mean he is lost or stuck somewhere.

Have you shared access to the app with anyone such as friends or family?

I haven’t yet, but I will be sharing this with my family when we are away and they look after Lockie. Whilst I was in Lisbon, it was amazing that I was able to tell my partner back at home that Lockie was inside when he came in from work and he couldn’t see him!

Would you recommend the product?

Definitely! I have already told lots of people about this product.

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Microchip Cat Flap Connect

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