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The Wired review is in: Cat parents would benefit from owning Felaqua Connect! 

Did you catch us in Wired? Here’s what the technology experts had to say. 

What Cat Owners Should Know About Feline Hydration 

"We all need to drink more water. For humans, there are apps and even smart water bottles to keep us on track. For our pets, it isn't as easy. We can encourage them to drink more by keeping water fresh and away from food and litter, but if we aren't watching their every move, it's hard to be sure they're drinking enough. And forget trying to answer a vet asking how often they drink.”

Why Felaqua Connect? 

"The point of something like [Felaqua Connect]...is not just to know they're drinking but to be familiar with their routine so you can notice when their behavior changes and quickly get them to the vet before something serious happens...cat parents would benefit from owning it."

Rating: 7/10


  • App is easy to set up 
  • App data is straightforward and intuitive  
  • Push notifications let you know when your cat drinks and when it’s time to re-fill 
  • Easy to clean 
  • Don’t need to plug into an outlet  


  • Batteries not included 
  • Need to purchase a separate hub 
  • Plastic vs stainless steel parts 

Get your own Felaqua Connect today here.

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