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Is it safe for your dog and cat to drink from the same water bowl?


Is It Okay If My Dog Drinks from My Cat’s Water Bowl?

It’s well known that dogs and cats shouldn’t share the same diet. After all, cats have different nutrition requirements than dogs, and feeding a cat dog food and vice versa can result in some pretty serious health consequences.

But what about your cat’s drinking water? Is it safe for your dog and cat to drink from the same water bowl?

The Answer: Yes, Dogs Can Drink from a Cat’s Water Bowl

Fortunately, there are no serious health consequences associated with dogs “stealing” your cat’s drinking water or with your dog and cat sharing the same water bowl. What it really comes down to is your pets’ personal preferences.

If your dog and cat are both comfortable with the idea of sharing a water bowl, then you shouldn’t face too many challenges. However, it’s important to know that cats are typically much more territorial than dogs, so don’t be surprised if your cat isn’t too keen on the idea of sharing a water bowl. In fact, this might even deter your cat from drinking water and lead to dehydration, which is a serious health threat.

Along with personal preferences, the other key consideration is finding a way to track each pet’s individual drinking patterns. This is especially important since cats tend to not drink a lot of water, so you’ll want to make sure that your dog isn’t taking all of your cat’s drinking water.

Fortunately, there’s a simple solution to help you do just that: Felaqua® Connect.

Tracking Drinking Patterns with Felaqua® Connect

Felaqua® Connect is a microchip-enabled cat water bowl that uses a 1-liter reservoir to provide your cat with the freshest and cleanest drinking water possible. Not only does it make your cat’s drinking water attractive by presenting it like a puddle, but it also helps you learn more about your cat’s drinking patterns.

By connecting with your cat’s microchip, Felaqua® Connect gives you real-time data on how much, how often, and when your cat is drinking water. That data is then compiled into the Sure Petcare App, which also notes when and how much an “unknown source”—such as your dog—drinks from your cat’s water bowl.

This helps you find out if your dog is drinking the majority of your cat’s water; should you begin to notice this trend, it might be best to consider providing a separate water bowl for your dog.

As an added bonus, you’ll receive instant notifications when the reservoir needs to be refilled, so you never have to worry about your cat (or dog) not having any water to drink.

Looking After Your Cat’s Drinking Water

When it comes to deciding whether your dog and cat can share the same water bowl, it’s important to consider your pets’ individual preferences and comfort level. And thanks to devices like Felaqua® Connect, you can take the guesswork out of monitoring your pet’s drinking patterns and know just how much water your cat is drinking on a daily basis.


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